Reading at home with your child – questions to ask

To find out how we teach reading at Clifton Primary School, click HERE.   There are many ways in which you can support your child’s learning to read at home. The most important things are: to read TO your child every day – a bed time story is IDEAL to hear your child read every day to talk to your child about what they are reading and to question them as to how much they understand to talk to your child about YOUR reading – When do you read? Why do you read? We have a series of ‘Big Reading […]

Who are Class 3?

This class is taught by Miss Simpson, Mrs Threlkeld-Brown and Mrs Thornton   Class 3 is made up of Year 4 and 5 ( Walliams class) and Year 6 ( Horrowitz class ) in the mornings when each class are taught maths and literacy separately. In the afternoons Years 5 and 6 become Oak class and Year 4 join Year 3 to become Willow class. 

Class 3 Snow Day Work – Thursday

Class 3 Reading Comprehension online practice: Use these two websites to keep up your reading comprehension practice. Writing: look at this page:…/said-the-stars/ Use the initial writing prompts (below and on the web page) to write a piece of descriptive writing, using these questions to help you. Remember your Year 6 writing techniques 😉 What can you see? What makes this image so beautiful? Who is the person? Why are they holding a bike? Where have they come from? Where are they going? Why aren’t they riding the bike? Why have they stopped? Why is the person looking up? […]

Y6 SATs websites

We all know SATs are just around the corner (starts on 14th May). Here are some websites to visit to support your learning at home. They are all fun and engaging, and you should be able to ‘show off’ all your school learning at home to your parents! BBC Bitesize is a great website for English, Maths and Science. Click here to view Top Marks grammar and spelling games. Click here to access a wide range of quizzes for English, Maths and beyond. Challenge your parents to a quiz! For some extra spelling practice click here to take you to […]

Snow Day Learning

Whilst ‘The Beast From The East’ falls, we don’t want any of our children getting bored! So, here are some learning activities you can do whilst you are enjoying your ‘Snow Day’: ‘Reach For The Stars’ World Book Day Reading Challenge – there are 20 reading challenges to complete. 10 completed challenges = 1 silver / gold sticker; 20 completed challenges = 3 silver / gold stickers. Click Share-a-Story-Reach-for-the-Stars-Reading-Challenge-2 to download the ‘Reach For The Stars’ Challenge. WOW Words – whilst you are watching TV or reading your favourite book, collect 10 WOW words that you think no one else […]

Pre-school session

Once a week in the spring and summer terms we run a pre school session in Class 1 from 2.45 – 3.30. This year it is a Monday. Please contact the school on 01768 868817 for more information. All children from 2 years of age are welcome as long as they bring an adult with them. It is an ideal opportunity to meet the children and staff and to get to know the classroom and outdoor areas. In no time at all it will become a familiar place with friendly faces and this definitely helps ease the early days of […]

Our after school club

Clifton Primary School runs a vibrant and active After School club from 3:30 –> 5:30 every day.  Whole or half sessions can be booked at a cost of £5.50 and £3.50 each. We aim to provide a relaxed and informal environment for children of all ages.  Snacks and drinks are provided and a range of activities organised.    

Our breakfast club

We offer a breakfast club for children who need to arrive before the school day starts. We are currently looking for a WONDERFUL Breakfast Club Assistant. Please click on the links below for details: Breakfast Club assistant job description Breakfast Club advert for Herald Breakfast Club job application form