The Dragons are Coming

How do Class 1 always manage to find the unbelievable in the woods at the back of school?? We kept the egg warm and cosy in class but who would think that the innocent looking little egg would hatch into a dragon!!!!¬† Today the children built the dragon some special dens to protect it from this chilly weather.  

Reineer hides in Art Club

The Stone Age shelter in the Secret Garden needed some repairs so Mrs Davies asked Art Club to create some ( fake) reindeer hides to recover it. After a quite look on a google image the children set to work on some pre-cut canvas with the acrylic paints. brushes, card combs, twig brushes and eventually hands all added to the effect and we think they are quite effective. We can’t wait to see what they look like on the Stone Age hut!

Class 1 BLAST off into space……..

We loved learning about space and did lots of exciting things. They included: mading books about the first men on the moon, investigating shadows with rocket and alien models, making collaborative space paintings like Peter Thorpe and playdough aliens. We ended our topic with a Moon Party for our families. We made star biscuits and space jellies and decorated our own table cloths. We even sang a song for our guests.

An Unexpected Show

The whole school were introduced to the stories of the constellations this week by Storyteller Emma. Class 1 were given the challenge of putting on a show at the end of the day to tell the rest of the school the story they had heard. The story of Delphinus¬†told of the dolphin that helped the musician Arion escape from sailors who tried to throw him overboard and steal his belongings. With a few hats and costumes, a chest full of treasure and an opera singing Arion they certainly brought the story to life! Who knew we had such stars of […]