An Unexpected Show

The whole school were introduced to the stories of the constellations this week by Storyteller Emma. Class 1 were given the challenge of putting on a show at the end of the day to tell the rest of the school the story they had heard. The story of Delphinus told of the dolphin that helped the musician Arion escape from sailors who tried to throw him overboard and steal his belongings. With a few hats and costumes, a chest full of treasure and an opera singing Arion they certainly brought the story to life! Who knew we had such stars of […]

Exploring the Secret Garden

The 7 Cs of Clifton were all on show last Thursday afternoon when Class 1 made the most of the sunshine and set off into the Secret Garden. They showed curiosity in exploring their environment, collaborated and communicated whilst moving planks and playing The Three Little Pigs, created some tasty treats in the sand kitchen and showed confidence whilst trying new things.  And they definitely showed commitment collecting all the newly mown grass and carting all the sand to the Little Pig’s kitchen…… and back again at tidy up time! There was also lots of craftsmanship going on!