Autumn Term 2018 Clubs (click on the link)

This term we have a wide range of extra-curricular clubs available for our children: Monday ‘Outdoor’ Club – 3.30 – 4.30pm after school Tuesday ‘Cross Country’ Club – lunchtime ‘Netball’ Club 3.30 – 4.30pm after school Wednesday ‘Hockey’ Club – lunchtime Thursday ‘Recorder’ Club – lunchtime Friday ‘Football’ Club – 3.30 – 4.30pm after school

Theatre Group

The theatre group have been working hard with Anna and Suzanne to get ready for their performance.  The whole school were so impressed with their singing, dancing and acting as they performed their way through Mary Poppins and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory classics. What a talented group of children!

Outdoor Club

So far this term the weather has been perfect for our new outdoor club. We started by tidying the school garden and getting it ready for the summer. Thanks to Emma and Heidi for helping. The following week we  set off through the woods to look at the dens Class 1 had made and collected branches for building dens in the Secret Garden.  

Art Club

After the challenge of creating a fantastic beast for the Parade of the Beasts the children welcomed a more relaxing art session today. Inspired by the winter landscapes earlier in the week they created their own winter pictures using pastels, watercolours and card silhouettes. We also discussed art projects we would like to do next half term whilst listening to some of our favourite tunes. No wonder Mrs Thornton said she would like to join Art Club.