Welcome to class one

This class is taught by Mrs Brabant, Mrs Chalmers, Miss Coutts and Mrs Davies.  Our Reception/ Year 1 and Year 2 children are all taught in our Early Years/Key Stage 1 unit – otherwise known as Class 1. We have high adult/child ratios which means each year group can be taught phonics and maths in small groups and we can address each child’s individual needs to help them make good progress. We provide children with opportunities to develop essential skills for learning including; collaboration, creativity, curiosity, imagination, independence, resilience and resourcefulness. We follow the Read Write Inc scheme to teach […]

Supertato and the Evil Pea

After reading the story Supertato last week Class 1 were so worried about the Evil Pea that they decided to write to Joanna straight away – warning her of the possible danger she could face in the kitchen. Luckily our letters did the trick and she was able to prevent any possible pea escapes from her freezers! Even so some of the children decided to carry out further research on the internet. The Reception children painted some Evil Pea pictures to help us identify the rascal if he appeared in class and we all made Super Cheesy Pea Potato Cakes […]

The 7 Cs Outdoors

Class 1 have been working hard in our outdoor sessions and have been developing skills from ALL of our 7 Cs. Communication to share ideas, make plans and take a role in imaginative play. Collaboration to work together to carry out a plan, devise a game or achieve a goal. Curiosity to explore their environment and resources and make the most of their opportunities. Confidence to try out their ideas and take risks. Commitment to stick with an activity and carry on if problems occur. Creativity to invent airplanes, obstacle courses, restaurant quality meals, houses, villages…….with a wide range of […]

Autumn Baking

Class 1 got creative with pumpkins this week and used them as an ingredient in our pumpkin and chocolate muffins. We practised lots of skills including weighing, mixing and measuring and all agreed that they were delicious! It was also a really good way of including more fruit and vegetables into your diet.

Balance Bikes

For our PE lessons this half term we have have been using the balance bikes with Lucy from The Sports Partnership. We have now got three of our own balance bikes but Lucy brings along enough for everyone to have one. For those children who can already ride a bike independently Lucy has also been teaching Class 1 some tennis skills.