Class 3 Snow Day Work – Thursday

Class 3 Reading Comprehension online practice: Use these two websites to keep up your reading comprehension practice. Writing: look at this page:…/said-the-stars/ Use the initial writing prompts (below and on the web page) to write a piece of descriptive writing, using these questions to help you. Remember your Year 6 writing techniques 😉 What can you see? What makes this image so beautiful? Who is the person? Why are they holding a bike? Where have they come from? Where are they going? Why aren’t they riding the bike? Why have they stopped? Why is the person looking up? […]

Y6 SATs websites

We all know SATs are just around the corner (starts on 14th May). Here are some websites to visit to support your learning at home. They are all fun and engaging, and you should be able to ‘show off’ all your school learning at home to your parents! BBC Bitesize is a great website for English, Maths and Science. Click here to view Top Marks grammar and spelling games. Click here to access a wide range of quizzes for English, Maths and beyond. Challenge your parents to a quiz! For some extra spelling practice click here to take you to […]

Literacy in Class 3

This is Mrs. Threlkeld-Brown’s FAVOURITE subject to teach! So much so that her car registration plate begins ‘L17’ for LIT! We do lots of our Literacy learning through our learning themes and our learning is often so much fun, we don’t even realise we are learning!   Mrs. TB invented a way of teaching reading called‘BIG Reading’ so we do this with her every Monday. After our Big Reading lesson, we complete ‘Mini Missions’ over the week from ‘SPI Pads’ – it’s all VERY exciting and, as a result, we LOVE reading! Mrs TB has even written books about reading and reading […]