Outdoor Team Work

Class 2 were full of the joys of Spring on their first outdoor learning session this week. The sun shone brightly as the children worked together to tackle a range of problem solving challenges using lots of the 7 Cs of Clifton: communication, collaboration, commitment, confidence and curiosity. Judging by the huge smiles and enthusiastic cheering it was a successful afternoon and great fun!


We have had an update from the researcher in Antarctica who received our flags ” Greetings from Antarctica and Happy (belated) Antarctica Day! I’m Ali, I work as the Bonner laboratory manager at the British Antarctic Survey’s Rothera Research Station, Adelaide Island on the Antarctic Peninsula. I was delighted to receive the task of photographing your flags to celebrate Antarctica Day. There were some excellent drawings depicting all aspects of Antarctic wildlife, landscape and science. I live at Rothera for 5 months of the year during the Antarctic summer (Nov-Mar). I assist the scientists with their projects and am part […]

Happy Antarctica Day!

Around the world the 1st of December is celebrated as Antarctica Day. The children in Class 2 have been researching and finding out about Amazing Antarctica. One of the most important things about Antarctica, is the Antarctic Treaty. The treaty ensures that no individual or country can claim ownership of the polar continent, and that it can only be used for peaceful research and exploration. After almost fifty-five years, the Antarctic Treaty continues to shine as a rare beacon of international cooperation. To celebrate this milestone of peace in our civilisation with hope and inspiration for  future generations – Antarctica Day is recognised to […]

Den Building with new friends

Class 2 had a fantastic time in the Secret Garden one November afternoon making dens with a group of children from James Rennie School in Carlisle. Thanks to Mrs Davies for organising such a great opportunity for the children. They were positively buzzing about their experience and were very excited that they had made new friends. Mrs Davies was very proud of all the children and how welcome they made our guests feel.

Class 2 Go Outdoors

This half term has been Class 2’s turn for Outdoor Learning with Mrs Davies. This week the ground was too wet for the planned soil investigations…. it would have been mud! So Plan B was put into action and Class 2 worked together to restock our wood supplies for den building and fire making. Whilst searching the woods around the Secret Garden they also learned about some of the tree species growing there. Curiosity and Collaboration are just two of the 7 Cs being covered in this session.

Class 2 get cooking

Class 2 only needed to watch the online demonstration three times before they were ready to get cooking their Mummy Pizza Puff Pies on Creative Friday. The video was speeded up and only lasted less than a minute but Class 2 took in every little detail. They worked very independently on a range of processes including; rolling, cutting out, chopping and slicing and also had to decide on their toppings and arrange them and their mummified bandages on the top. Well done Class 2! You’ll be making your family tea in no time but………….will they be brave enough to eat […]


The children have been so enthusiastic about their osprey work and were very proud to present their fact files to Phil Cheesley from The Lake District Osprey Project at the end of term. He was also treated to a rousing version of the osprey song they had learned with Mrs Thornton which they had previously performed for Class 1 in the school garden. Click here to hear the song for yourself.