Art on Fridays

As part of our Curriculum afternoons each class is taught Art on Friday afternoons. This autumn term we are focussing on colour and have practised our colour mixing techniques before using our skills to create works of art linked to our class topics. Ash Class After mixing the primary colours to make secondary colours the children made shades of orange and pink to make a  lighthouse sunset picture. They then used orange, red and yellow tissue paper to create a firey flamey background for some pictures about the Great Fire of London.   Willow Class After making colour wheels and learning […]

Phunky Foods Day

Gill from Phunky Foods joined us to lead another day focusing on making good food choices and eating well. Each class worked with Gill to create a different healthy option throughout the day practising skills such as chopping, mashing, mixing and whizzing! At the end of the day the children gathered together to taste test all their delicious creations.

Plastic Pollution

The children worked in pairs to create fish and other sea creatures out of plastic rubbish. Bottles, crisp packets, cartons and bags were transformed into colorful fish, octopus and jelly fish ready for a display in the school corridor. Mrs Newman shared a presentation about plastic in the ocean at the start of the afternoon which helped make the message clear!

Royal Wedding Day

All the children worked together in their house teams to celebrate the royal wedding. There was a very British theme to the activities which included playing cricket, singing at The Proms, baking union jack jam tarts, decorating wedding cake and painting plates. Everyone wore their party outfits for the day and staff brought in their own wedding dresses for all to admire.