Our Staff

Clifton Primary School Staff

Mrs Threlkeld Brown

Mrs Threlkeld Brown is our Headteacher and teaches in Class 3. She loves literacy and walking her dog.

Jill Hindson

Jill Hindson is our office administrator and also does lunch time duty.

Class One

Mrs Brabant

Mrs Brabant teaches in Class 1 and runs Art and Gardening Clubs. She enjoys reading, cooking, gardening and walking in the mountains.

Mrs Chalmers

Mrs Chalmers works in Class 1.  She likes baking and mountain biking.

Mrs Davies

Mrs Davies works in Class 1 and runs After School Club on some days.  She likes running, climbing, watersports and family walks with their dog. You can see why she is our Outdoor Learning expert!

Miss Coutts

Miss Coutts teaches in Class 1 in the mornings and some afternoons. She enjoys spending time with her family and walking her dog. She likes going on holiday too!

Class Two

Mrs Newman

Mrs Newman teaches in Class 2 and runs sports clubs. She likes running, biking and being outdoors.

Mrs Thornton

Mrs Thornton teaches in Class 3 and does singing assembly. She likes skiing, gardening and live music concerts.

Mrs Price

Mrs Price works in Class 2 and with groups of children. She enjoys cycling and singing - sometimes at the same time!

Class Three

Miss Simpson

Miss Simpson teaches in Class 3 and runs lots of sports clubs. She enjoys cycling and walking.

Mrs Roberts

Mrs Roberts works in Class 3 and runs Breakfast Club. She likes reading lots of different books.

People who care for us all...


Joanna is our school cook and she makes delicious dinners. She likes hockey, gymnastics and football.


Eileen Walker

Eileen Walker is our very patient and kind cleaner. She also helps serve lunches on some days. She likes sewing, swimming and reading.


Anthea is a lunch time supervisor and helps with trips and clubs. She enjoys cooking and spending time with her family.

Gill Graham

Gill Graham runs our Breakfast Club on some mornings and is a busy member of the PTA. She enjoys walking and spending time with her family.