Our mission...

After consulting with the children, parents, staff and governors, we have re-written Clifton School’s Mission statement, values and vision. We wanted these to reflect what we truly want for our children and the school.

Our visions and values are the core of everything we do. they underpin our teaching and learning, and provide a setting which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.

Our school motto is:

'Clifton Primary School: Success and Happiness For All' 

Our mission statement

“We at Clifton Primary School, are dedicated to ensure we provide a happy, supportive, challenging and inspiring learning environment where each child’ talents are nurtured and developed so they can flourish and become confident, successful, well-balanced and self-motivated individuals.”

Our values

The Seven ‘Cs’ of Clifton








Our aims and vision

To provide a welcoming and safe environment for all those who enter our school.

To provide inspiring teaching and learning opportunities.

To encourage and values everyone’ contribution to our school through a broad, balanced, creative and forward-thinking curriculum.

To foster positive relationships with families, the local community and to have a wider world perspective.

To word together towards common goals.

To have high expectations of ourselves and each other.

To rise to new challenges and enjoy promoting new ways of thinking.

To provide an ethos of support, challenge and encouragement to succeed.

The Clifton 'GREAT' Expectations

Our 'GREAT Expectations' written with the children as a whole school: