We have had an update from the researcher in Antarctica who received our flags

” Greetings from Antarctica and Happy (belated) Antarctica Day!
I’m Ali, I work as the Bonner laboratory manager at the British Antarctic Survey’s Rothera Research Station, Adelaide Island on the Antarctic Peninsula. I was delighted to receive the task of photographing your flags to celebrate Antarctica Day. There were some excellent drawings depicting all aspects of Antarctic wildlife, landscape and science.
I live at Rothera for 5 months of the year during the Antarctic summer (Nov-Mar). I assist the scientists with their projects and am part of the marine team which means I assist with the boating and scuba-diving. I hope you’ve all enjoyed learning about Antarctica.
Best Wishes,
Ali Massey”

We were all super excited in class 2 to finally receive the pictures of our flags in Antarctica, what a long journey they have been on! To help celebrate this achievement, and spread the message of the Antarctic Flags Project, the children successfully gave a presentation to the rest of the school during Monday’s assembly – Well done Class 2.