Our Art and Design curriculum is designed to encourage and inspire creativity within our children. We aim to deliver the National Curriculum ensuring children are; inventing and creating their own art, craft and design and gaining knowledge and understanding of how art and design reflect, shape and contribute to our history, culture, creativity and the wealth of our nation. Children will all be encouraged to generate ideas, use sketchbooks, develop ‘making skills’ (including formal elements), have a knowledge of artists and evaluate and analyse.

We use resources from KAPOW to support our Art and Design curriculum. Throughout their time at Clifton the children will all experience and be able to influence their surroundings through the use of Drawing, Painting and Mixed Media, Sculpture and 3D and Craft and Design. Children will learn to communicate what they see, feel and think through the use of colour, texture, form, pattern, line and shape and tone using different materials and processes.

Children will learn to create well-informed opinions and make decisions about aesthetics and utility. Through the creations and work of artists and designers, they will be able to investigate concepts and meanings of different pieces. They will also investigate how art influences our country’s culture and creativity by learning about the roles and functions it has played throughout history and among various cultures.


Art & Design Long Term Plan            ELG – National Curriculum

‘You get to let your imagination go wild’ – Year 3 

What does Art look like at Clifton?

Year 1 & 2:

Year 3 & 4:

Year 5 & 6:

Art Club

Art Club is held after school for approximately for one and a half terms and has about a quarter to a third of children taking part at different times.

Clifton’s Art Curriculum