We have had a busy start to the new year in Class 1 and our topic of Journeys has given us lots of exciting learning experiences. We have acted out The Gingerbread Man story in groups and made our own puppets. We also investigated why the Gingerbread Man might not have wanted to get wet and how he could have kept himself dry without getting a ride from a greedy fox. We have also made lanterns, lucky money pockets and  hand drums to celebrate Chinese new year and had a dragon week when we did lots of dragon art, maths and literacy.

The chilly weather has not stopped us getting outside with football coach Matt to develop our ball skills. We soon warm up with all that exercise!!

We have also visited St Cuthbert’s Church in Clifton to help us learn about special places. We spotted the bell and the rope in the bell tower, kneeled at the altar and chose interesting things to draw.