We are all excited to be back in class – the newly upgraded Year 1s who had experienced unprecedented disruption to their last term in Reception and our new Reception children who had not been able to transition from nursery in the same way we usually do. We have started the term with a theme suggested by the children – that old favourite The Gingerbread Man.

It is amazing the things you can do with a gingerbread man……we have tasted, baked and painted them.  We have listened to and watched different versions of the story and acted it out in groups. We have also learned the story off by heart and even investigated why the Gingerbread Man was so desperate not to get wet that he risked life and limb catching a ride from a fox. The reception children made bridges across the river in case he changed his mind and the Year 1s made story maps .

We have had great fun with the Gingerbread Man and are looking forward to what we will learn about next.