We believe a positive partnership needs to exist and flourish between home and school if pupils are to fulfil their potential and gain most benefit from their school life.


The school will:

  • Provide a safe, caring and happy environment where all pupils achieve their potential
  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum which fulfils the needs of all pupils
  • Promote high standards of work and behaviour through helping children to develop a sense of responsibility and respect for others
  • Endeavour to instil a love of learning to its community
  • Offer praise, encouragement and support in promoting positive behaviour
  • Endeavour to fulfil the Clifton School Values: The Seven ‘Cs’ of Clifton: Confidence, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Curiosity, Craftsmanship, Commitment.
  • Provide equality of opportunity for everyone
  • Regularly report on pupils’ progress and offer opportunities for parents to discuss their child’s progress
  • Welcome parents into school by providing opportunities to participate in the life of the school

We would like parents to:

  • Enrich your child’s education by support and encouragement with work at home
  • Work positively with school staff to address any areas of concern
  • Attend parent consultation meetings with school staff
  • Attend parent information meetings about how you can work together with school to support your child’s learning
  • Encourage your child to follow the school’s code of positive behaviour
  • Ensure your child is punctual and collected from school at the appropriate time
  • Encourage regular attendance at school
  • Encourage regular reading routines, such as parents reading to children, children reading to parents, parents and children reading together
  • Support your child in active home learning, such as continuing learning of times tables and spellings
  • Notify the school on the first day of any absence and contact the headteacher when requesting holidays during term time
  • Ensure that your child follows/ wears the appropriate school uniform
  • Parents will refrain from using social networking sites to discuss issues relating to any pupil, staff, governor and/or members of the whole school community


We would like pupils to:

  • Be polite, considerate and show respect for each other and the school
  • Work hard and try your best in all school work and activities
  • Follow the school code of conduct
  • Let the teachers teach and the children learn


As the #teamclifton family we will all endeavour to fulfil the ‘Clifton School Pledge’:


  • Treat others as you would wish to be treated
  • Care for the school environment and property
  • Reach for the Stars
  • Turn that frown upside-down