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Fox Class

Fox Class is taught by Mrs Newman and Mrs Brabant.

As a class we love reading and sharing class texts together to inspire us with our writing and to help us learn new vocabulary. We adore spending our afternoons finding out about our world and having fun with our learning. One week we may be time travellers or archaeologists exploring our history or geographical explorers finding out about the physical world and our environment. Fox class also enjoy becoming scientists and investigating how the world around us works.

An Interview with our class:

What are your favourite books? Leon and Bob, Billy and the Mini Monsters, Matilda, Diary of a Whimpy Kid, Black Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, The Pebble in my Pocket, Greta and the Giants, Young Gifted and Black, Mr Scruff

What is your favourite thing to do with your friends in school? Explore! Go on school trips and play football and tig!

What are your favourite school dinners? Cheesy pasta, meatball Monday, brownies and fruit!

Which part of the school day is your favourite? PE, lunch, Outdoor Learning, maths, Art, English, ICT, break times, Science, History - in fact, everything!

Would you rather live in a tree house or an underground cave? A Tree house!

What would you want your superpower to be? Invisibility and to be able to teleport!

If you could break the rules for a day, what would you do? Eat all of Joanna's yummy puddings, go to Buckingham Palace, have a PE day, bring all of our teddies to school and then go home early!

What is the hardest thing about being young? Always being told what to do and being underestimated!

When we are older, we would love to be…wrestlers, footballers, cheerleaders, engineers, referees, welders, lifeguards, authors, hairdressers, attend Oxford University and be pediatricians.