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Our School Day

8:45 – Doors open & early learning

Children come in to school for early learning activities which help children recap and review previous learning or practice skills they need to help their learning. This is also an opportunity for teachers to check in with children to make sure they are ready to learn. A member of our school leadership team is usually available on the school gate to welcome children and families and answer any questions.

8:55 – Registration

Doors close at 8:55 so we can make sure all children are registered. Children that arrive later than 8:55 should go to the school office with their parents.

9:00 – 10:40 – Morning learning session

10:40 – 10:55 – Break time

As a small school, all our children enjoy break time together as well as a healthy snack.

12:00 – 1:00 Lunchtime

Lunch time

1:00 – 3:00 – Afternoon learning session

3:10 – 3:25 – Assembly

Our assemblies are 3:00pm every day and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday we come together as a whole school. On a Monday we focus on our school values, Wednesday is our opportunity to consider special days and people, places and cultures around the world. Friday’s assembly is a chance to celebrate learning achievements over the week.

3:30 – End of the school day

Our school day ends at 3:30pm and parents collect children from the designated areas around school.

Breakfast and After School Club

Our Breakfast club starts at 8:00am and after school club runs from the end of the school day until either 4:30pm or 5:30pm. Places are booked online via ParentPay. Please see our Breakfast and After School Club page or contact the school office for more details.