Clifton Primary School PE & Sports Funding – updated March 2018

PE and Sport Premium Reporting


Annually the Government provides additional funding to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding – provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of Health, Well Being, PE and sport in schools.

Financial Year:

September 2017 to March 2018 Approved Budget = £9660

April 2018 – August 2018 Approved Budget = £6900

Total 2017 – 18 figure = £16560


Detailed Expenditures

Sport Equipment £435.50
Healthy Eating ‘ Phunky Foods £124.50
UDance £557.490
Swimming  – Festival and lessons £1593.45
Travel to sports events £1200


Jigsaw £1600
Sports Partnership £2197
Coaching & raising profile of sport/ healthy lifestyles in school £4180
Outdoor and Adventurous Activities £2640
Staff Training £2200
Playground Equipment £0
TOTAL £16727.94

This leaves in with a deficit of £167.94 by the end of the year.

Impact of sports funding  and leading a Healthy Active Lifestyle

Sports Equipment

We have reviewed the current provision of schools sport equipment and funds has been used to upgrade our PE equipment in school.


Clifton School this year are taking Y2 – 6 children swimming to Penrith Leisure Centre. They will receive 5 1hour lessons over the course of the Summer 1st half term. Swimming is a statuary curriculum area in school. Clifton Primary School also takes part in a number of local swimming galas, held by other schools, which Y2-6 children participate.

We predict 100% of our 15 Y6 children will meet the national curriculum requirement of “swimming 25m or more, confidently, competently and proficiently, using a range of strokes effectively and perform self-save rescue in different water-based situations.”

Sports Partnership

Membership of this group enables our children to participate in sports coaching and local schools competitions. This includes:


  • Netball
  • Football
  • Multi sports
  • Swimming gala
  • Gymnastics
  • Orienteering
  • Tennis
  • Tag Rugby
  • Kwik Cricket
  • Basic Moves
  • Cross country
  • Tri Golf
  • U Dance
  • Tchukball
  • Fencing
  • Hockey

Due to skilled specialist coaches children’s skills have improved: multi skills sessions showed KS1 and LKS2 children needed to improve their basic throwing and catching skills; these were worked on during coaching sessions and the children’s ability is improving.

100% of children in KS2 will have taken part in at least 1 inter-schools sporting event by July this year. 90% of children in KS1 will have taken part in at least 1 inter-schools sporting event by July this year.

Sportsmanship in school is something we are very proud of, so much so, we now have a termly sportsmanship award for someone who has shown true sportsmanship both on and off the pitch.

We have had many sporting successes in school: most recently our LKS2 children took part in a Hockey tournament, which they went through to the finals and eventually came third! Resilience, grit and determination, positivity – even when things get tough, sportsmanship, pride and selflessness we all skills our children both learned and demonstrated through the process.


School Transport

Living in a rural location many of the sporting events that take place require the hire of a bus to take children to the different events across the Eden district. The sports funding has enabled us to take both KS1 and KS2 groups out.


Whole School Outdoor Learning Award

This new, whole school project uses skills, values and visions to enable our children develop a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy lifestyle. These sessions have given our children experiences of outdoor activities and learning way beyond their normal day to day routines and beyond what we could have offered as a school before. As part of the curriculum the school access professional outdoor instructors to cover parts of this curriculum. There are also residential activities planned for the whole school from YR – Y6 in the Summer Term.

Staff Training

Professional development of all staff to raise the profile, quality and staff confidence in the delivery of PE and Outdoor and adventurous activities continues to be a priority.

Sustainable Improvements

This year we have introduced the Jigsaw PHSE Scheme of Work. The Jigsaw programme has been purchased and implemented throughout the school and is also used for whole school and class assemblies. Areas covered include: Being me in my world, Celebrating Differences, Dreams and Goals, Healthy Me, Relationships, Changing Me. This is now taught as a discreet subject as well as making links across the curriculum. The large focus on this resource is the development and sustainability of a healthy mind, body and lifestyle and understanding about making good choices and staying safe.


This has had a positive impact for children, staff and parents on Personal, Social, Cultural and Spiritual development, with parents joining us a sporting events and supporting our outdoor Learning programme.

We now have ‘Sport Ambassadors’ who have been trained by Phunky Food coaches. They lead a range of lunchtime activities for younger children including: Tag rugby coaching, parachute games and obstacle courses.


We have been ‘given’ some land adjacent to school to use for Outdoor Learning and Sport. This widens our prospects and opportunities for outdoor learning. We are beginning to look into the possibility of building a school hall and part of this will be to ensure safe and regular access during wet weather for indoor sports.