Gardening Club

September is a time for harvesting and clearing up ready for the winter. We have also planted pots of daffodil bulbs to sell at the Christmas Fair. Thanks to parents Anna and Heidi for helping out.

The children at gardening club are very proud of their new bug hotel. We also have a new compost area at the front of school making it easier to transport to our garden.


Art Club

With Art Club nearing it’s end and the lovely spring weather we put together some of the skills we had practised to make lovely tree pictures. We painted brightly coloured backgrounds and then did observational sketches of trees in the playground which we put on top of the colourful patterns. Look how different they all are.

Action Ants Football Club

Children in Reception, Years 1,2 and 3 have been improving their football skills with John from Action Ants! Everyone had great fun, practised a range of skills and encouraged each other to do their best. Well done everyone!


This term in art club we have been working with colour. We made pictures like Piet Mondrian using black, white and the three primary colours. Then we mixed these colours to make shades of green, orange and purple and made some circular art.


Children in Years 2-6 enjoy the challenge of maths problem solving at this club run by Miss Simpson.


We created some beautiful owl pictures using painting, printing, drawing and GLITTER!


Children from Reception to Year 6 have been busy making Christmas goodies for our Christmas Fair. Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came along to help with the festive fun!

Art Club

Some our finished pictures. Take a look at all of them in the corridor at school.

On our first Art Club we looked at Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. We have made a start in our own paintings by creating a background in lots of shades of blue. It was quite an active task trying to get lots of texture and swirliness. We also listened to some Don Mc Clean to get us in the mood.

Gardening Club

On our last Gardening Club of the year Elizabeth and Alex from B & Q came and helped us make some bird houses to take home.

The Autumn term has started sunny and warm so Gardening Club is continuing for a little longer this year. We had lots of tidying to do and we have planted daffodils and tulips for the spring. There were also beans and potatoes to pick and take home.

We have been busy making the most of the better weather and have made a small wildlife pond and bug hotel as well planting tomatoes, beans, leeks, potatoes, courgettes and more…….

Football Club

Louis’ and Sam’s Dad has been running a football club on Thursdays after school.

Thank you Chris!

Action Ants Archery

Children from Reception upwards have been learning a new skill on a Thursday after school…… Carl and John form Action Ants have been teaching archery on The Green.

Gardening Club

After a few wet Tuesdays when we could not get into the garden the rain has stopped  and we are once again enjoying getting outdoors. The garden now has lots of fruit and vegetables growing and flowers to brighten up the planters. There is a new bird feeding station, greenhouses and willow fish mobiles. Look out for our stall at the Summer Fayre on Saturday 11th July.


Rugby Club

Toby and Edward’s dad comes in on Friday after school to run a rugby club on The Green. Children from Year 4, 5 and 6 are welcome to attend.

Gardening Club

The new garden area has been well used by the 20 or so members of gardening club plus parent and grandparent helpers. Already we have moved compost, assembled a greenhouse and a compost bin, planted potatoes, rhubarb and plants attractive to pollinators, weeded, tidied and made willow fish mobiles.

This will start again after the Easter holiday when we will start planting in our new school garden.

Our new school garden is under construction.

Our new school garden is under construction.

Look out for more information being sent home soon.

Art Club

Our work based on Leah Anderson has been artfully installed in the entrance of school by Miss Phillips.  Do take a look next time you are in school.

Since January artists from Classes 2 and 3 have been busy working on a variety of art work. We have focussed on colour, pattern and shape and have worked individually and in groups. Look out for our finished work on display around school soon.

We have worked together to make some textured collages based on the work of Leah Anderson. We used shades of blue to match our school colours.

Everyone has made their own aboriginal design based on nature and we have been decorating them over the last few weeks. We used the end of the paintbrush to do each dot and used earthy colours like real aboriginal art.


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