After School Club


Clifton Primary School runs a vibrant and active After School club from 3:30 –> 5:30 every day.  Whole or half sessions can be booked at a cost of £5.50 and £3.50 each. We aim to provide a relaxed and informal environment for children of all ages.  Snacks and drinks are provided and a range of activities organised.

More Den Building

Den building has become a favourite activity at After School club – indoors or out! Our new play space in the wooded area is a good place for dens.

Den Building and Paddling

September’s lovely weather has meant we have been able to play outside a lot. Den building is always popular and a paddle is a great way to cool down.

Tropical fruit kebabs

The classroom always smells delicious when After School Club make something using tropical fruit.

Bubble Blowing

Bubble blowing is becoming a favourite activity at After School Club and is even more fun outside on a spring afternoon.

After a busy day at school the children relax in a variety of ways and our After School Club takes each child’s needs into account. Whether it is chilling with your feet up and a DVD, painting or even making your own football pitch for a game of blow football – whatever takes their fancy!


The lovely weather in September means we have spent a lot of time outside: making obstacle course and playing games together in the trees. There has also been time to make play dough people.




Easter face painting … with a few pirates too!


At After School Club the children enjoy mixing with children from other classes – making new friends and trying out activities.

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